This project involved placing a prominent church building on a hill overlooking the prestigious Lakeway area.

The building design consisted of three large naves with 60-foot high laminated wood arches that prevented any ductwork or piping from being installed overhead. The air was supplied from the side walls of the equipment mezzanine at the rear of the church and from perimeter supplies served by ductwork that dropped down from the mezzanine to under slab, over to the perimeter, and up in a horizontal ledge duct system.

Interior lighting was accomplished by routing the conduit up into slots on the arches to short light tracks on the back side of the arches and also via perimeter indirect lights illuminating the ceiling.

The construction costs for this new sanctuary and offices project, without the land, was approximately $3.5 million.Construction costs for the Family Life Center will be approximately $2 million.

  Emmaus Catholic Church  

The scope of this project involved the design and construction of a new 600 seat sanctuary--with church offices, fellowship areas, and all site development.

The second phase of the project included the design and documents for the future construction of the Emmaus Parish Activity Center. This mulit-functional complex incorporates classrooms, recreation areas, and full kitchen facilities for church and community events.

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