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Emmaus Catholic Church, Lakeway, Texas

Sheraton Hotel Galerias
Monterrey, Mexico




is a consulting engineering firm, located in Austin, Texas, and dedicated to providing high-quality MEP engineering design services and technical studies for clients in Texas and the southwestern portion of the United States. Alpaca provides a special emphasis on designing for high-tech medical and large public-use facilities

Allen Perry. P.E., president of the firm, founded the company in 1997 and has endeavored to create an engineering firm built on technical excellence, high standards of client service, and the capability of utilizing innovative engineering ideas to enhance today's architectural accomplishments. These qualities have contributed to Alpaca's continued success and distinguished reputation in the industry.



Architects, developers, and fellow engineers have found Alpaca Energy Solutions, Inc. to provide the highest level of professionalism when involved on a project.

From timely response on job planning and construction concerns to delivering the final project on time and on budget, Alpaca strives to maintain only the most exacting standards of excellence.



Innovative ideas mean nothing unless you can make them work in real world situations. Alpaca offers you design and construction services built on sound engineering and technical competence.

Dedicated to providing the latest technical expertise to our clients, Alpaca can introduce you to new cutting-edge ideas and the latest equipment designed to save you energy and overall costs on your project.



Honesty and integrity have been the building blocks for this organization and Allen Perry has established a reputation as one of the leading MEP engineers in the state.

These strengths, along with many years of experience and knowledge, have enabled Alpaca to enjoy outstanding success on a wide range of projects and with a wide range of clients.


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