The owner of this project currently owns a hotel in downtown Monterrey, providing him with extensive operational experience. His main objectives for the HVAC system were to provide high reliability, high energy efficiency, and ease of service.

The system design reflected those requirements by using multi-cell cooling towers and pumps with variable frequency drives to closely track the actual building load while minimizing the energy consumption.

The individual guest room heat pumps are activated via the room card access system so only those occupied guest rooms are running. Any unit for an unoccupied room is shut off and the condenser water flow is shut off by its internal solenoid valve. The owner also purchased extra unit modules in the event of failure. Any guest room unit module can be replaced in a matter of minutes, avoiding having to keep the room out of service for any extended length of time.

  Sheraton Hotel Galerias Monterrey  
  Monterrey, Mexico OWNER: HOTEL MONTERREY

Alpaca provided only the mechanical design and construction supervision for this thirteen-story hotel, which also includes a basement level. It was the owner's wish to use a water-source heat pump system and he felt that he could not get local design support for this type of system.

The design provided for stacked guest room units and standard horizontal or vertical units for the public areas. The cooling towers, boilers, and pumps were located on the roof in a mechanical area.

Status: > > Construction Completed

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